Power factor (informational leaflet)

(implemented in the FjwW.ini file)

* When the so called Power factor is used in a foxhunt competition it means that depending on age and gender a percentage of the running time is deducted to be able to put all participants in a single rankinglist.

Power factor is ONLY used when ALL COMPETITORS run for ALL FOXES in the same limit time. In all other cases the regular "Age Category" division should be used or no correction at all in more recreational foxhunts or when an absolute running time is required. Use of Power factor is subjected to the organizers decision. Also one of the requirements is that the effective distance of a competition combined with limit time is fit for the oldest age category (with normal fysical fitness).

One of the main benefits of using Power factor is that when there are not enough people to fill the age categories and/or only one trophy/set of medals is available ranking is easy.

Between the brackets (in the results lists produced from FjwW) the actual running time is mentioned en before that the corrected "Power factor" time (on which the ranking is based).

Powerfactor has since end of 2013 been adjusted using the age-correctiontables from the WAVA (World Association of Verteran Athletes). It provides for those competitions are more fair element of competition between younger and older, male and female competitors when all in one rankinglist.

NOTE: The Powerfactor does NOT influence the running time limit in a competition.


Power factor used by ARDF Team Nederland (The Netherlands)

Power factor used by ARDF Team Nederland (The Netherlands) - nieuw

powerFactorName=NL-ARDF nieuw (50%)

Part of run time for applying the Power factor



Other Power factor tables used in other countries:

Name of Power factor, used by ÖVSV (Austria)

powerFactorName=ÖVSV like Cepelka

Part of run time for applying the Power factor

Groups of men which age is x to y and have a Power factor of z (x-y:z)

Groups of women which age is x to y and have a Power factor of z (x-y:z)

Power factor used by LA-ARDF (Norway)


Part of run time for applying the Power factor


(update 21-JUL-2014; subjected to change without notice; more info at ardf@veron.nl)